Using the concept of Spiral Dynamics we look at each individual person and the parts that make up the individual. We recognize that each individual is not their diagnosis, but a whole person developing on many lines and levels. By looking at the whole person we are able to craft custom treatment around their needs and goals. We use Spiral Dynamics as an educational and measurement tool to work with the student to break down the different aspects of life and rate their respective level of functioning associated with it.
Integrated utilizes Spiral Dynamics to track progress and change with our students. Spiral Dynamics is a developmental model of human development created by Don Beck and Clare Graves. This model has been used for some time to gauge the development of individuals, business’, societies, among other examples. Spiral Dynamics is very fluid and makes it easy to chart development in specific areas of functioning. Below you will find a description of each level of development and how Integrated uses this model to track progress with our students.

Beige– Represents the Basic level of needs. Food, shelter, elimination. No sense of self.

Purple - Represents magical thinking, ritualistic, tribal, and being influenced by Folk magic and folklore. (Good example may be performing a rain dance to please the Gods in hopes that they will send rain.

Red - Represented by the “fight or flight” response. Egocentric and power-driven. Often an intense need for control. Someone operating in red would expect to be very impulsive and “living in the now.”

Blue - Moving into blue a person begins to find meaning and value in conforming to the structure. Morality, discipline, following rules becomes the individuals focus. Many religious world views fit in nicely with blue development.

Orange - This level of development is characterized by a greater sense of independence. This individual is often motivated by reward, acclaim, gaining prestige or an image. Consumerism is a very orange concept.

Green  - This level is characterized by a move back to the community. Feelings, Sharing with others, taking care of those in need and being egalitarian are all important concepts in the green level of development.