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Often students who come to Integrated come with several years of treatment experience. Upon entry into the program the treatment team works to coalesce previous program documentation, testing, history and observations, to create a custom treatment program for the student and their family. Along with the historical overview,  each student entering the program completes a bio-psycho-social assessment with one of our program therapists to get a current picture of the student's functioning and goals. Each student's treatment plan is individualized with past documentation and current observations meeting the student where they are.


The admissions packet is our first insight into each student’s life story, including all medical, psychological, treatment, and education history. An accurate and in-depth view of a student’s past, empowers us to effectively chart a course for their future.


Each student’s entry into our program begins with a full-panel blood screening. This helps us get an understanding of the physiological factors of hormone levels, Vitamin D levels, and other regulatory systems in the body. Students are administered a Strong Interest Test to develop ideas for new hobbies and employment best suited for them as an individual.  The final assessment piece utilizes Spiral Dynamics and Integral Psychology to evaluate each student's lines and levels of development. This gives our team the data we need to make a truly customized program for the individual student.

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