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At Integrated Interventions, our commitment to education extends beyond Integrated Academy’s high-school curriculum to encompass vocational skills development and comprehensive college support for students enrolled in North Idaho College, the University of Idaho, or any accredited online college or university. 


 In addition to assisting students with completing high school and navigating college, Integrated offers life skills classes to help students achieve their highest level of independence. We support students in reaching their highest level of independence while utilizing the lines and levels of development outlined in Spiral Dynamics. Our Life Skills courses are designed to encourage a culture of work ethic, support, and encouragement. This applies to fundamental skills such as cleaning, cooking, and making healthy food choices, to more advanced skills such as financial literacy, acquiring independent housing, and community immersion.  Our non-traditional curriculum is always customized to the student, aiming to support the individual in reaching their highest potential. 

Students at Integrated Interventions have the opportunity to take classes or receive hands-on education in the following areas: 

Social Skills

Independent Living Skills

Financial Literacy

Home Economics

Arts & Crafts

Nutrition/ Fitness  

Internet Safety

Law Enforcement Interaction

Driver's Education Support

Executive Functioning Curriculum


At Integrated Hobby Farm


Canning and Preserves

Animal Husbandry





We support students as they navigate real-world situations, both in the classroom and in the community.
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