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ONE-ON-One Mentoring

Our students quickly learn to utilize the resources in the community to meet their needs with guidance from our mentors.  We offer true community immersion, lending to real life results. Integrated Interventions goes to great lengths to find quality mentors to spend one-on-one time with the students.  Our mentors come from all walks of life. Integrated Interventions prides itself on the diversity of our mentoring team. By exposing a student to many perspectives, personalities and skill sets, we have the opportunity to help students grow in any area of interest.  We provide weekly training to our mentoring staff, as well as discussions regarding each individual student and their unique needs. Integrated Interventions relies heavily on our mentor staff. As a ground up company, we realize the importance of seeking information from the mentors who spend so much time with the student. This helps us make modifications and customize treatment for the student during their time in the program. By working with mentors to meet program needs, students learn valuable communication and professional skills. Learn more about our unique team.

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