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Integrated Interventions’ Education Team provides campus support for our students including navigating resources such as tutoring, special education services, GED prep and high school completion through online and campus resources.

Education Support Services Offered:

- Career planning, academic planning, and creating achievable goals.

- Networking on campus and teaching students how to access available resources such as: campus safety, clubs, study groups, tutoring centers, and advisors.

- Communication: Meeting with educators, obtaining progress reports and building relationships with students’ professors.

- Crisis Prevention and Intervention: Campus support,
communicate with Disability Support Services (DSS), college staff and peers to ensure the student is following through on tasks.

- Managing Finances: Teaching students to balance finances through financial literacy lessons and how to apply for financial aid, access scholarships and work-study opportunities.

- Encouraging Healthy Relationships: On campus with peers, authority figures, community members, and family members.

- Community & Fun: Encourage appropriate college outings and campus related activities.

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