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Rick Westby

Director of Therapeutic Services | IDAHO

    Rick began his higher education with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and the goal of becoming a probation officer. He wanted to make a difference in people's lives with compassion, empathy, and understanding while holding them accountable to the events that landed them on probation. However, life brought a new perspective and Rick went on to complete master’s degrees at Grand Canyon University in both Addiction Counseling and Professional Counseling, allowing him a more hands-on approach in helping people find real solutions in their struggling lives.   

    During his years of internship and learning his craft, Rick discovered the small Arizona town where he lived with his family lacked resources to help those with addiction or mental health issues. As a result, he opened the town's first non-state-funded fully integrated behavioral health agency which served adults, young adults, and children. In the beginning it was a family affair - all hands on deck! - but quickly grew to include other counselors in the community, which gave the small town its much needed support.   

    Rick led the team with his casual, laid-back style, free of judgment, full of humor and empathy. Long gone are the days of the therapist in the chair and the client on the couch. In the spirit of teamwork, Rick believes the surprises and setbacks of life can be met with joy and eager anticipation, rather than worry or fear. He understands the importance of focusing on solutions rather than problems and believes a person can accomplish anything with the support of others. Rick brings this same style to Integrated Interventions, where mentoring relationships are a valued component to the therapeutic process.   

    Now back in his home state of Idaho, Rick likes to ride his motorcycle, hike the mountains, swim the lakes and rivers, and spend time with his growing family. If he’s not cooking or cultivating calm through meditation, he’s most likely on Tubbs Hill or up the river on the North Fork of the Coeur d’ Alene – his two happy places.

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