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Reed Penson

Program Coordinator

Reed Penson fills the role of Program Coordinator with Integrated Interventions, Texas. Well-versed in job types such as customer service, human relations, and entertainment, these experiences have shape-shifted his performance as he excels in executive functioning, building rapport, and getting the job done. His management style accrued throughout his work experience in a multitude of industries has allowed him to become the adaptable, persistent, and empathetic person he is today.


Reed holds a Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Criminology.  Reed has related this to the adversity he had experienced throughout his life and always wondered about the phenomena of trauma and how to persevere. His goal is to apply his knowledge and understanding to the world around him with the intention to create an impact. Investing into his intellectual ventures, Reed is also a certified culinarian professional and a non-certified Radiological Technician.


Originally from Oklahoma from a small community on the Choctaw reservation where hardships are consistent - Reed himself is a registered member of the Choctaw Nation. Reed has always understood the generational traumas that indigenous communities go through. Resources and recreational activities were incredibly limited, and Reed’s adversities have allowed him to transform his inputted experiences into outputted support for those around him.

Raised in a military environment, Reed was raised with family members enlisted in the Air Force and his mother was the community physician. This has influenced his strict, direct, and punctual nature.


Outside of work, Reed enjoys the river, remaining as active as possible, enjoying the vitality of youthfulness, food, and fun. Some of his personal roles include movie buff, comedian, entertainer, uncle, and brother. Reed currently resides in San Marcos. He is an individual who accepts all walks of life as he has always been incredibly personable and charismatic. When you see Reed, anticipate being interactive with a mix of laughter and business.

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