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Myles Houston

Program Coordinator

Myles Houston is the Crisis Support Coordinator at Integrated Interventions, Idaho. With a remarkable ability to build relationships with students and proficiency in problem-solving and de-escalation skills, Myles has seamlessly transitioned from a mentor to a Program Coordinator and now serves as the Crisis Support Coordinator. Currently residing in North Idaho, Myles grew up in North Idaho and Central California. His connection to the mental health field began at a young age, as his mother worked as a Teacher's Aid for special needs adolescents, allowing Myles to interact with individuals with developmental disabilities from the age of five.

Throughout his professional journey, Myles has gained valuable experience in various fields, including construction, retail, and residential habilitation, where he served as a Direct Support Professional in North Idaho. His diverse background has cultivated a deep passion for his work, and he remains committed to personal growth and continuous learning as an integral part of the team at Integrated Interventions. Myles holds certifications in CPI, CPR/AED, and First Aid for Severe Trauma, ensuring he is equipped with the necessary skills to provide effective crisis support.
Outside of his professional responsibilities, Myles finds solace in spending quality time outdoors with his loved ones. Whether it's engaging in outdoor activities or simply enjoying the company of friends and family, Myles understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance to recharge and sustain his dedication to supporting individuals in crisis.

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