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Jodi Bowls

Program Development Specialist

Jodi earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and began her career in the addiction field over 12 years ago, focusing on client financing and insurance billing. Working directly with families it became apparent that her true passion was in “support” rather than finances, and she then moved into Outreach and Admissions. Armed with the unique perspective of not only identifying with clients because of her personal history, and her ability to identify with families because of the struggles of her own children, Jodi has the power to deeply connect with both families and individuals. With the opportunity to travel on a national level, Jodi was given the gift of meeting and being mentored by leaders in the behavioral health industry.

Jodi has held the role of director, consultant, and business developer. She has dedicated her career to promoting growth and positive change within organizations to enhance the quality of care for individuals seeking behavioral health treatment. Working within the executive team of a behavioral health billing company, Jodi provided effective solutions to build revenue within the company and the clients they represented. By joining the Integrated Interventions team as Program Development Specialist, Jodi is focused on growth in areas that will provide expanded services and opportunities for both students and families. Jodi’s extensive knowledge, experience, and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the team and the families Integrated Interventions serves.

When Jodi isn’t working with families and individuals, one of Jodi’s greatest joys is cooking for the people she loves. She also enjoys the outdoors and spending time camping with family and friends. Jodi loves to take any opportunity to be around water or jump on a paddleboard to find new adventures as well as enjoy the peace and slowing down.

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