Sam Atwood is a Program Coordinator at Integrated Idaho. She originated in Northern California but comes to us from Western Montana. Sam brings to the table over nine years of human service experience and a deep love of social services. Right out of school she jumped into direct care working with people with mental and physical disabilities. She spent years working with that population before working exclusively with sex offenders with co-occurring mental health diagnosis.  

     Most recently Sam served as the Operations Manager for an American Society of Addiction Medicine 3.1 level Residential Treatment Program for mothers and their young children. Based out of Western Montana, this program supported women with co-occurring substance abuse disorders and mental health diagnosis on their journey to recovery, and building a sustainable healthy life for themselves and children. This program served women of many different demographics, backgrounds, lifestyles, criminal histories, cultures, and diagnoses.  As the Operations Manager of this program Sam learned and taught many recovery models, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, parenting classes, exercise classes, and healthy cooking/ living courses. Sam strives to bring forth a holistic, healthy, and independent lifestyle for every student at Integrated Interventions.  

     Outside of work Sam is an artistic, active, nerdy parent. She finds relaxation through art by drawing. She loves to hike and longboard in addition to a creative Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game session. She can talk nerdy all day long if you let her, especially about any fantasy world or superheroes. Being a parent is the largest, most rewarding piece of her life outside of work time.