Laura Flannery


     Laura grew up on a farm in Minnesota and enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities such as horse back riding, camping, fishing, hiking and skiing. Her adventurous side brought her to North Idaho in 2005 where she has continued to foster her love of the outdoors. When Laura is not working she can be found on the water or in the woods enjoying nature's therapy.

     In 2011 Laura enrolled at North Idaho College and took a variety of classes in the mental health field and learned that she really enjoyed social work. After graduating NIC, Laura enrolled at Arizona State University where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Leadership with a focus on Communication. After graduating, Laura worked as a mentor at Integrated Interventions and has now been with the company for three years. Laura has since been promoted to a Program Coordinator and enjoys working with her students to help them be the best version of themselves. Laura's future goals are to go back to school for her Master's degree in Social Work with the hopes of becoming a therapist at Integrated Interventions.