Joshua got his start in residential treatment as the Director of a young adult sober living transitional program. His connection to those enrolled in the program and the impact that he could see in those he served lead Joshua to change course from criminal justice to social work.

     While working on his bachelor’s degree in Community Advocacy at Arizona State University Joshua worked in long term residential treatment at a premier 22 bed therapeutic boarding school. It is here that Joshua learned the intricacies of residential treatment, the importance of multi-disciplinary teams, and the success of a side-by-side “we are in this together” approach. Upon completion of his degree Joshua was promoted to be the Program Director where he taught staff, worked with youth and their families, and the mental health community throughout the country.

     Joshua completed his Master’s in Social Work degree from Arizona State University while working with a local community health agencies Integrated Behavioral Health department providing services to those dealing with the complex emotions of a health diagnosis. Joshua also had the opportunity to work with the Post-Acute Care team as the therapist on staff. In this role Joshua worked with those in skilled and assisted living facilities adjust to life after a major transition. It is in this work that Joshua learned how important the skills are to be successful in life’s transitions.

     Joshua brings ten years or experience to the Integrated team. His desire to help those to achieve their potential is prevalent in all his interactions. Joshua believes that people only care to know what you know when they know that you care. He further shows success though his ability to connect with youth, their families, and the community in which Joshua lives. Currently while not in the office Joshua is a student at the University of Southern California where he is a doctoral student studying social work. His dissertation research is based in preventative interventions for developing youth in rural and underserved communities. Joshua also sits on the Board of Directors for a county crisis prevention and resource agency. In his free time, you will find Joshua on the mountain skiing or playing a round of golf. He enjoys camping and exploring nature with his family and two dogs.