Ashley Rider has been using her energetic personality and consistent creative focus to oversee the smooth operations of Integrated Interventions LLC since joining the team in 2019. In partnership with the executive management team, Ashley holds the position as our Director of Operations. With a Master’s degree in Business Management, Ashley is no stranger to an interdisciplinary approach to management and directorship. She is known to assist staff in all aspects of company operations, from Mentors to Leadership. Her ability to quickly assess situations and learn on the spot has enabled her to make Integrated Interventions a welcoming environment for employees and students alike.  

     Ashley’s personal profile is shaped by strong family values, a superior work ethic, and an integrity-driven competitive nature that drives her to exceed. As an instinctive leader, she reaps personal fulfillment by helping others tap into their inner excellence, which she believes starts at the youth level. Her profound love and enthusiasm for the game of soccer has motivated her to serve the North Idaho youth community as the Director of Coaching for FC North Idaho, as the President for the CDA Adult Soccer Club, and as the ISSA Treasurer. Growing up playing soccer and continuing at the collegiate level, Ashley is proud of the honors she has been awarded by being named one of Idaho Youth Soccer Association's "Coaches of the Month" and United States Adult Soccer Association’s “Lifetime Volunteer.”

     “Working for Integrated Interventions LLC continues to be a tremendous opportunity for me to work with a well-established, community-based program that emphasizes independent living development on all elements and levels. From our students to our staff to our community partners, Integrated Interventions feels like home.”