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Nina Nava

Program Coordinator

    Nina Nava is a Program Coordinator at Integrated Interventions, Texas. She started out as a mentor and quickly moved up to Program Coordinator due to her recognizable dedication to the students, exemplary performance, and professionalism. In her professional life, Nina has worked for the foster care system, providing support and being the champion for at-risk young adults and children, ages 3-17 years old. This endeavor proved to be a formative experience in her purpose and motivation as she dedicates her professional world to helping others navigate through adversities.  

    Throughout her life, Nina has always resided in New Braunfels where she has also chosen to raise her own family. When asked about her upbringing, she describes it to be "free-spirited" as she has always been the first person to express herself through fashion and be noticed for it. Her family remains steadfast in their support of this core value of self-expression, despite themes of social norms and expectations. In her free time, Nina brings self-expression to the next level as she owns a local business where she holds the freedom to create through jewelry, macrame, and home decor. You may even find her at the local market days in New Braunfels selling her beautiful, handmade products! Additionally, each Sunday her family tunes out from the world and uses this day to simply create, whether that be a collaborative short film, piece of music, or painting. 

    Nina's biggest achievement of all is the manner in which she has chosen to raise her children. Nina and her husband consistently teach their children about diversity, intersectionality, and positionality - learning to love, accept, and respect others as they come. Their family philosophy acts as their guide on how to treat others as well as contributes to a deeper understanding of the complexities people go through.  

    Nina's core values of expression, creativity, and understanding allow for an advantage within her position as students have always considered her as a safe space. Her approach with the students is considered to be open-minded while remaining direct and structured in order to support her students in their goals. 

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