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Matthew Snow

Farm Coordinator

    With a flair for silliness and a playful spirit, Matthew channels his passion for self-empowerment in mentoring students to find joy and fulfillment at the hobby farm. There is a long list of challenging tasks to do at the farm in the heat and snow, but it is work that connects our community together, and fulfilling projects that result in beautiful, useful, and practical art. With Matthew's focus on work-ethic and personal improvement, the jobs around the farm are opportunities for growth, pride, and creativity. Under Matthew's mentoring, students gain skills including goal setting, project planning, and interpersonal skills. Working in the shop, garden, and around the animals, is where effort becomes a tangible success.      
    Matthew draws on his background ranging from elevator repair to saxophone playing to teach students problem-solving, practical skills, and real-world application. The farm tasks range from animal husbandry, beekeeping, mechanical work, and gardening, as well as hobby work in the wood shop; fully supplied with welding tools, work benches, saws, and more. With simple ideas, students are able to create, test, and expand their limits.    
    When Matthew is not helping students to become the best versions of themselves, he is working to become his best self. In his free time he facilitates SMART Recovery meetings to expand tools in his community for fighting behavioral issues and habits. SMART builds motivation and uses cognitive behavioral therapy to cope with urges. He's able to apply these skills and tools in work with students, as well as in his own life to build strength. Matthew is motivated to be his best self by his wife and three dogs. In their free time, they like to work on their home, go camping, biking, snowboarding, and paddle boarding to explore the Pacific Northwest.

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