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Matt Teagle

Program Therapist

     Matthew started his career at a group-based transitional living program as direct care staff, working with young adults in central Texas. This position provided a powerful opportunity to learn the importance of working within a supportive team structure from the ground up. Every day was a unique opportunity to grow and learn in a residential setting. He gained practical experience in crisis management while working with a wide variety of people and learning to shift his approach to better fit the person. After spending two years in this field, Matthew believed that he could help in a broader scope with the assistance of a degree. During the next 4 years, Matthew continued his work while attending Texas State University to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Social Work.
    Matthew learned a lot about life balance while juggling work, school, and an internship.  Matthew’s first internship was as an assistant coordinator at the San Marcos Housing Authority, overseeing a neighborhood and supporting the residents, ranging from children to the elderly. He took on numerous roles in this position that included more opportunities to work with children and adolescents. This eventually led to working with young adults in a more supportive role and helping them live independent lives through resource acquisition and educational classes.
    Matthew’s second internship was with a school counseling agency, where he would take on individual and group therapy sessions, including a crisis management support role. After graduation, Matthew continued to work at the San Marcos Housing Authority. He landed a primary coordinator position with a focus on case management (with residents) while he continued his other support roles in the community. During this time Matthew successfully passed the licensing exam to become a Licensed Master of Social Work in April of 2022.

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