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Corey Kuheana

Corey has extensive experience in working with youth and young adults in a number of different environments. He first discovered his passion for helping others in the year of 2008, where he worked as a mentor in a community service based program, focused on helping adolescents who had been through the juvenile justice system. Today, he is our Director of Operations specializing in crisis intervention and staff support.

Being born and raised in a military family allowed Corey to experience, and live among many diverse cultures ranging from the west to the far east. To add to his travels, Corey spent a number of years as a musician, touring with various bands across the United States. During this time he had the privilege of connecting with a vast amount of youth and young adults, many of which who shared their personal struggles with mental health, abuse, and suicide.

Once again feeling the call to help others in a more direct approach, Corey returned to school to pursue a degree in Psychology. Since then he has acquired years of experience working with acute mental illness through residential treatment, and has taken on roles as a mentor and program manager in Intensive, Transition, and Aftercare settings. He had also made time to fulfill his dream of working in the nonprofit sector as a Director of Housing, and aiding the homeless as a Shelter Coordinator.

Here at Integrated Interventions, Corey utilizes his diverse upbringing, background, and experiences to understand and connect with every person as the unique and true individual they are, creating strong mentoring relationships that allow for safe and effective de-escalation during points of crisis. He is also happy to share his passion for music with students looking for new hobbies or positive ways to express themselves. When he isn’t working, Corey enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two children.