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Chris muñoz

Senior Coordinator

     Chris Munoz executes the Senior Coordinator role for Integrated Interventions where he performs crisis management, oversees the program coordinator team, and ensures programmatic success. His leadership style, ability to deliver results and representation of himself are the key to his success with our students. Chris has an easygoing personality, paired with a goal-oriented approach with the students which creates rapport and trust in what may seem like an uncomfortable process, although necessary for change.
    Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Chris moved to New Braunfels in 2018 with a background in working with a range of adolescents and adults with substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health issues, and case management in varying environments including transitional living homes and residential treatment facilities. Chris currently holds a Certified Diesel Mechanic title and also a skilled background in heavy machinery. At an early age, Chris had an affinity for cars and began working on his own.
    Today, Chris finds himself turning wrenches in his spare time while simultaneously passing on this knowledge to his 5-year-old son. He is currently pursuing an LC-DC and hopes to continue helping individuals better understand and cope with their struggles.

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