Custom Fit Programming Integrated Interventions

January 21, 2022

We wanted to take some time this month to talk about a treatment modality that is truly unique to Integrated Interventions.  A major aspect of our program, which makes us a leader in the industry, is that of custom fit programming.  This concept is unique because it allows us to work with students who have not been able to thrive in a more traditional treatment setting such as a milieu.  Custom fit programming allows us to meet a student where they are and build a strong foundation for future growth.

So, what makes custom fit programming different from traditional models?  Integrated works with students with very complex behavior and presentation by addressing it through one on one interactions.  Each student that enters the program begins working with Mentors immediately and begin working on foundational relationships.  These interactions with Mentors begin outside of a milieu.  Each student moves in to his/her own home or apartment in the community.  This has proven to be invaluable to students who failed to thrive in a milieu.  This concept also works to encourage the student to begin looking for relationships outside of his/her treatment community.  Mentors encourage students to begin establishing healthy relationships in the community.

Another benefit of custom fit programing is that of our ability to enter students into the workforce immediately by employing the student.  Integrated will pay students to begin building work ethic at our small hobby farm within the first week of entering the program.  This is an opportunity for the student to earn money, complete projects, learn skills, and become employable while working side by side with a Mentor.  Working at the farm gives the student opportunities to work not only with a personal Mentor, but other members of the Integrated team.  One on one interactions quickly become two or three on one interactions, exposing the student to different perspectives and working styles.

We have found that this one on one approach to programming can be extremely effective during crisis situations and managing complex behaviors.  In more traditional settings complex behaviors will often have an audience of peers, fueling the negative behavior.  With our one on one approach the audience is never there.  A Mentor is able to engage with a student at any point of the crisis cycle and help that student ride the wave of emotions to successful resolution.  It allows the mentor to really focus on the student without other outside distractions.  It also allows the Mentor to get to know the strengths and weakness’ of each student.  Mentors are able to look at different lines and levels of development and focus on areas of greatest need.

To hear more about our Mentors and unique approach to treatment, be sure to listen to this months podcast, which will highlight one of our amazing mentors.