Covid 19 Update

January 21, 2022

Integrated Interventions Idaho and Texas is currently working on a proactive response to many of the concerns regarding the recent COVID-19 pandemic.  Our leadership team recently met to discuss further actions regarding the spread of the virus and how we can mitigate contact within the company, as well as protect the public.  Integrated has a unique approach to treatment and by design is already set up to respond in these types of situations accordingly.

We have already taken steps to limit student exposure to large gatherings of people.  At this time we have identified two coordinators to head up grocery shopping for the students.  We still have students working with their mentors to put together shopping lists that have been forwarded to coordinators.  We have instructed coordinators to have a sanitized stationing area to transport food that can be dropped off to the students at their doors.

We are encouraging students to follow the CDC guidelines as it relates to personal hygiene practices and making sure that they are being coached on the best way to care for their personal environments and hygiene.  With some students this is daily, hand over hand instruction.  Other students who don’t require this approach will still receive coaching and direction from mentors and leadership.  We will also be making an inventory at each home and making sure students have the right supplies to keep up on this.

We are taking steps to limit community exposure and shifting activities to those that don’t involve groups of people.  There are a plethora of outdoor activities that students can be engaged in, including the ever present work out at the farm.  Per our normal policy, students won’t be working with each other at the farm, but will have opportunities to work in shifts.

We are also currently working to support our staff on healthy practices in their personal lives.  Any staff member that is ill or shows signs of illness will be required to get checked out by a physician and cleared before being able to return to work with students.  We have not had any concerns about this yet, but are being proactive in our expectations to help keep our student population safe and mitigate the spread of illness.

We are keeping our finger on the pulse of the spread of illness and monitoring information as it comes through the CDC.  Most of our student population does not fall in the high risk category for contracting symptoms, but could be carriers at any point.  We are sensitive to the students who do fall in the high risk category and they will obtain testing at any sign of illness and appropriate steps will be taken to isolate them in that event from the public.  We will continue to interact with them and ensure safety regardless of the symptoms they may be displaying.

With regard to therapy and psychiatry appointments, we have the benefit of having most of our students see providers in the community.  We can work with those providers to make sure that they continue to be available to our students.  Our psychiatry group has the benefit of utilizing telepsych, so there should be no interruption in psychiatric care.  For students seeing myself for therapy they are welcome to continue to see me in person at our wellness center, or over skype/facetime or other platforms that the student would be comfortable with. 

Terry and Angela Edelmann(owners of Integrated Interventions) would like to thank you for trusting us with the care of your student.  They have no intention of shutting anything down and will continue to adapt and move forward with each of the students during this time.  We remain dedicated to moving each student toward independence and will utilize this event as a learning opportunity for our students and team.Terry and Angela have been meeting with leadership and students to provide direction, training and support. I will periodically send out updates as recommendations change regarding how we respond in the future.

Chris Garrett LCSW

Program Director