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cc-logoChicken Chaser Farms is our answer to your child’s need to learn work ethic, understand how things grow, work with the public, learn to follow directions, learn to manage time, find balance, diversion programs, work release, community service hours and much more.

Our focus is to have your teen or young adult work off court appointed hours, make up for poor choices or just get them away from the entertainment they find through the outlets in the home, like video games and television, all while being in a controlled environment.

Integrated Interventions LLC. doesn’t allow our clients to mingle with others who may feel the need to further their negative  habits or behaviors and influence your son or daughter to do the same. We manage our clients promoting quality mentoring time and lots of hands on learning opportunities.

We have an extensive vegetable garden that is marketed at various farmers markets at harvest times. A wood working shop / classroom where we teach responsible craftsmanship. Combining the daily chores caring for small farm animals,  gardening with meaningful labor and therapeutic education, such as learning the crisis cycle or anger management, we can provide the finest non residential care available.

We can provide clear assessment and treatment plans working directly with your son or daughter and their mentors.

Safe transportation provides more time for one on one open communication as we help you manage your teen or young adult so you can be mindful of your other concerns knowing we have your families best interests in mind.