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A Holistic support team for troubled teens, young adults, and their families. Helping to find the right path…

Terry Edelmann has over 20 years of experience working with troubled teens and young adults in residential treatment, foster care and mentoring programs. Having developed several Crisis Intervention Programs, Terry has discovered most teen / young adult issues start in the home and can be managed in the home with support and well planned interventions.

Developing a team of Therapists, life coaches, mentors and tutors, Terry has provided the opportunity for adolescents (ages 13-17) and young adults (ages 18-26) to find the support they need on a foundational level. Terry and his team will help you manage your adolescent / young adult through consistent intervention, life skills training and an integrated approach to developing a healthy self motivated lifestyle. This is the support you have been looking for..!

Teens and young adults having diagnosis and family issues ranging from self esteem, depression, attention seeking, anger, violence, substance abuse,  promiscuity, suicide ideation, abuse issues, executive dysfunction, oppositional defiance, Asperger’s, bipolar, and many others find themselves alone without support, or a way to manage their behaviors, until their behaviors lead to trouble.

Truancy, curfew issues, delinquency, lack of life experience, poor social /  life skills and problems with authority lead to legal issues and court appointed probation, public service, residential treatment and juvenile incarceration. We at Integrated Interventions LLC. have the ability to intervene, develop a support plan, supply support systems and be the inertia your family needs to navigate from the beginning of troubled waters to the solid foundation of success.

We supply mentoring in the community, school and college campuses, employment and your home, tutoring for education concerns, nutritional guidance and healthy exercise coaches. Integrated Interventions LLC. will develop a specifically tailored plan to assist you with issues like structure, chores, transportation, supervision, college issues,employment issues, peer relations, hygiene, sibling relations, emotional games and acting out behaviors.

We understand today’s culture and the extended family. Relationships between divorced families are tough to manage at times. Our Integrated response has included the exploration of dynamics surrounding extended family and the opportunity this supplies for family drama. We can help through mediation and our ability to be nonjudgmental while helping both parties realize the importance of setting aside differences to encourage stability for the adolescent / young adult involved. Integrated Interventions LLC. has trained transport and recovery services for the safe delivery of boarding school, residential treatment or runaway youth. There may be a time when your son or daughter walks away from home, doesn’t return from school or a friends, and refuses to respond to your direction. We specialize in crisis intervention in the home and the community. All Integrated Interventions LLC. team members are CPI trained and willing to go the extra mile to safely recover your adolescent. We are an around the clock – on call assistance team ready to help your family. Just pick up your phone and call..!

Some of the skills we teach are basic problem solving skills, communication, effective praise, appropriate boundaries, relationship building, trust, accepting direction, coping skills, the crisis cycle, understanding collusion, positive peer relationships, rational thinking and positive alternative substitutes for habitual behaviors. We teach all skills with the integrative concept that everything one does has resounding consequences with self, family and community. Once your son / daughter internalizes this chaining concept he or she will quickly understand their behavior affects everything around them, and this is the catalyst for magnificent change.

Our team is highly sensitive to the integral needs of young people. We have the ability to deliver, on a very fundamental level, the safety and security your son / daughter requires to move forward as a productive member of your family and community. We hope to serve you in the near future.

-Terry Edelmann , CEO and Founder