ABE GED Program, North Idaho College

//ABE GED Program, North Idaho College

ABE GED Program, North Idaho College

GED Completion and College and Career Readiness

So often teenagers and young adults find themselves in a place where they feel stuck with their education- either high school pressures are wearing them out, or they aren’t ready to even take the compass test for college entrance requirements. After meeting with Marty Bruner, Adult Basic Education Advisor, at North Idaho College, we found there are many more options for young adults/teens looking to break through those barriers that keep them from moving forward with their education.

Marty stated, “The ABE/GED program is a fully funded program that helps students over 16 years of age prepare for their GED test or prep for the college compass test. It has been a very successful program because students are able to not only achieve their GED through taking our classes, but they are college or career ready.”

There used to be such a stigma connected with the GED, as people assumed that if they did not receive their high school degree they would not be able to find a job or go to college. But what most employers are looking for these days is a college education, or the ability to show the employee is career-ready. Per Marty,

“The new GED test is designed to demonstrate to employers that the people that pass this test are educated and ready to start a career. The stigma from the past, of only the drop-outs taking the GED, is no longer viable because employers are finding out that there are several populations that chose to take the GED route, and if they are able to pass the GED, they are at the college freshman level of education.”

The ABE/GED program at NIC is one of the fore-front runners for direct admissions to NIC. After the student’s complete the 8 week course, or shorter if they would like to do distance learning assignments, they are ready to test. After student’s pass the test, advisors connect ABE/GED students directly to admissions.

“It’s so great that our program is located at NIC, because the students get used to the campus and feel like they are already college students. They meet NIC admissions staff before they complete the ABE/GED program, so they understand how easy it is to continue on to college,” states Marty.

Marty Bruener is more than willing to set up an appointment with anyone interested in continuing their education through the ABE/GED program, or finding out more about what is available through the program. It is a wonderful resource for local North Idaho young adults. No matter what your barrier is for continuing your education, there are ways to get around it and with some help, you can move on to building a career that will support a healthy future.


Adult Basic Education Locations: Bonners Ferry, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, Silver Valley, St. Maries

Coeur d’ Alene Phone Number:  1-208-665-5099

By Kaitlin Barnhart, Education Liaison

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